Makeup and Skincare Haul!


This haul is built up from the last week.

Firstly I got the Superdrugs Vitamin E eye cream for £2.99. I have heard a lot of good things so I can’t wait to try it out.

Next I got Garnier’s micellar cleansing water from boots for £2.99
I also picked up the Garnier’s eye makeup remover for £1.50
These are currently on sale in boots so I would check them out before they are raised up to there normal price.
I’m excited to try both of these as my simple products no longer agree with my skin.

I then got three Barry M Gelly Nail Polishes in the colour: rose hip(pastel pink), sugar apple(turquoise) and prickly pear(pastel purple). Each of these were £3.99 but Boots has a 3for2 deal so I got them both for £7.98.

I went back to Superdrug and I got the MUA undress your skin shimmer highlighter, I can not wait too try this out, heard so many good things about it! Plus it was only £3.00.

Calvin Klein Glimmer eyeshadow cream: £1 from pound land!

Thank you for reading if you have any question, comment below.



20 random facts about me!

I think I need to tell you all more about me, so I’m telling you all some random facts about me.

1. I’m 16 years and 8 months old (my birthday is in august)

2. My favourite number is 7.

3. I have a yorkie called tigger who is also 16 years old(114 in dog years) and he’s my favourite thing in the world.

4. I LOVE Halloween through to New Years, I like the fashion of this season, I like the weather and the atmosphere.

5. I love going to the beach, but I hate the sea as it always makes me ill.

6. I hate insects especially cockroaches and beetles.

7. Makeup is my hobby and my career path which I would like to take.

8. My favourite band are THE 1975 and I have seen them live. (They were amazing)

9. I have to milk or tea before I go bed.

10. I love food too much.

11. I binge watch tv series on Netflix.

12. I don’t like eating breakfast.

13. I have ombré hair.

14. My favourite genre of movies are horror.

15. I have a small friendship group and I can say they are all my true friends.

16. I love reading.

17. I want to go New York soooo bad.

18. I love theme park rides.

19. I have 4 siblings. 3 sisters and one brother.

20. I don’t really like fizzy drinks.

Hope you enjoyed reading these!

Barry M Nail Paint/Glitter review-

Firstly I have to say I haven’t worn nail varnish on my nails to often at the moment as I’m growing out my nails.

However last year I wore nail varnish nearly every day. Throughout that year I developed a love for many brands, Barry M being one of them.

I only own nine polishes at the moment by Barry M but I’m defiantly going to buy some spring colours soon! Most of these colours are autumn/wintery.

Barry M Nail Paints and Glitters retail for £2.99 in Boots and Superdrug. I really want to try out the Gelly and Matte line also! Everyone has raved so much about Gelly line and with it now being spring I think it will be a perfect time to invest in some pastel colours.

Overall I think Barry M Nail Paints are brilliant and are long(ish) lasting if you wear a base and top coat. Also wear a base coat with these polishes as it can leave slight yellowing to the nail. The formula is good just make sure the lid is on tight as they dry out so quickly especially the Glitters.

Here are the colours i own:

(330- Black Multi Glitter)

(47- Black)

(355- Goldmine Glitter)

(341- Cappuccino)

(338- Silver Multi Glitter)

(273- Raspberry)

(150- Red Glitter)

(291- Cobalt Blue)

(Name and number rubbed off)
If anyone has any colours they recommend let me know in the comments!


I’ve decided to make a posting schedule. Im going to post every Wednesday.
I want to get into more of a routine so I keep up with my blog. I’m starting this next week so I won’t be posting tomorrow, the next time I post will be next Wednesday.


My hair story and ombré review!

I first ‘ombréd’ my hair nearly two years ago, i used: L’Oreal Preference Wild Ombres No 1 Dip Dye Hair Kit Light Brown to Dark Brown
This was the first time I had any type of dye on my hair. My natural colour is a chocolate brown. My hair was hip length at that time.
When I ombréd my hair it did come out like ombré would but not intense which at the time I loved.


Ombré hair back in 2012

I loved it, however after a year I got bored and in April last year I dyed my hair red using 2 boxes: Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Nourishing Permanent Hair Colour 2.60 Dark Cherry
I used two boxes as I have long hair. I loved the colour was perfect to change to however red fades so quickly and I was not into paying loads of money to keep re-dying it. So I let it fade, it did fade okay, I just wanted to let my hair breathe for a while.

Red hair in 2013

It faded to this at the end of 2013.

I then wanted my hair just to be all brown for Christmas time so a couple of days before Christmas I had my hair professional dyed a dark brown.

After being dyed before Christmas 2013.

I felt boring with this hair and I was yearning for my ombré again.

So at the end of March 2014 I ombréd my hair for the second time and it turn out similar to the first. (Do not have a picture of this stage) . I used the same Loreal ombré kit stated above.
However I still wanted it lighter so I left my hair for two week and bleached it again using the same Loreal ombré kit however this time putting foils on the hair. Foils speed up the dying process as it heats the hair quicker than regular body heat.


Pictures of my hair now.

I would highly recommend this ombré kit, it does damage your hair, any bleach damages you hair. It’s what you do after bleaching that is key:
Like using as little heat as possible, as the hair is a lot more fragile, if heat is being used definitely use heat protector.
Using a clarifying shampoo after bleaching(including in this kit) however if you are using your own use something like baby shampoo. And it important after using shampoo all the time not only after dying your hair/bleaching is to use conditioner! Shampoo opens the cuticles on your hair which leads to split ends and bristly hair. Conditioner closes and smoothes the cuticle over so therefore causing less damage. If you are a person who only puts conditioner on the ends of you hair cause your scalp gets greasy, it’s not very good for your hair! You need to find a conditioner that works for you!
Also use hair oils to smooth the ends and add nutrients.
Also be careful when brushing your hair, when you hair is wet should NOT use a brush only combs, a wide tooth comb is a good option. And you shouldn’t really use comb on dry hair either other than things such as back combing. When brushing/combing start combing the ends of the hair then work your way up. Think about it if you have knot at the middle, and then one in the bottom of your hair and you brush from the top it is going to form one big knot at this bottom. This could lead to split ends and removing hair when trying to remove the knot.
If you have any question just ask.

My Everyday Makeup


So everyday I don’t like to wear to much make as I’m only going to college or shopping etc. I like to go all out on the weekend and on special occasions.
On some days for college I don’t even wear makeup, even though I haven’t got the best skin I don’t really care, some days I prefer the extra half an hour in bed. On the days I do wear makeup I tend to wear these products:

Rimmel wake me up concealer(not shown in picture):

This is a perfect concealer to brighten the under eyes and excuse the pun but actual wake my under eyes up. It cover blemishes quite well it does tend to rub of raised blemishes. But it stay put on scars from spots. I would say you need to set the under eyes with a light powder as sometimes it can stay a bit sticky and mascara smudges on to it if not powdered.

Rimmel match perfection foundation:

This foundation is a medium coverage and slightly build able, I wouldn’t add too much as I believe it could become cakey. It is a perfect foundation for everyday and the spring as it gives quite a dewy look. If you have oily skin you would have to powder of your skin. I have dry skin and I only powder slightly to ensure it stay longer. It covers redness perfectly. I would highly recommend this foundation, I have repurchased this twice now.

Mac naked pigment:
This is my favourite all over the old colour for everyday just evens the colour of my lid out and just give it more an awake look.

Vaseline original:
Everyday I don’t want any colour just some moisture. Especially as it’s cold in England. I always come back to Vaseline for moisturised lips.
Also Vaseline can be used on dry patches as a moisturiser.

Seventeen high drama liquid eyeliner:
This eyeliner is perfect for my everyday flick. This tip of the eyeliner is stiff and sturdy this make it easy to get the perfect line. It is also very black.

Loreal miss manga mascara:
This mascara is good at lengthening my short eyelashes however it can be slightly clumpy if too much is applied. It’s is a very liquid formulation, at first I didn’t like this mascara, but now I’m growing to like it!

Anymore questions about these products, comment below.
Qotd (question of the day):
What’s your holy grail everyday makeup?


Illamasqua is a brand that I only recently discovered a couple of months back. I decided to try my first product from them. I chosen an eyeshadow pigment, in the shade- Android.

I tried this out the minute I got and I have to say I am a 100% impressed!

The colour on the lid is the ‘android’ pigment and I added a slight highlight in the inner corner with a white frost eyeshadow and also used a navy contour through the crease.

On the illamasqua website this pigment is described as a “shimmering charcoal black” however I slightly disagree it has more of a navy hue to the pigment. Still beautifully made and I fully recommend this product!
Leave a comment if you have any questions.

Real Technique Brushes

So Real Technique brushes, I’m sure you’ve all heard of these brushes. These brushes are highly raved about in the beauty community.

20130920-190923.jpg this is the starter set and core collection

The Core Collection contains: detailer brush, pointed foundation, buffing brush, contour brush, case and stand.

The Starter Set contains: base shadow brush, deluxe crease, accent brush, pixel point eyeliner brush, brow brush, case and stand.

What’s good about these brushes is that they say what they are and give tips on the packaging on how to use them!
Also these are incredibly cheap for the quality and what you get! At boots I got these on an offer of buy one get one half price. At the price of £21.99 each, I ended up paying £32.98 which is a bargain! Boots offer
Also these brushes come with a case which the brushes fit into, perfect for travelling!
These brushes are multi functional for example the deluxe crease brush is perfect for concealer. I can not rave about these brushes enough, I would 100% percent recommend, for people starting off and makeup professionals.

Again if you have any questions, just comment!
I may do a post once I get used to the brushes more aswell, this is just a first impression(a good one).


Maybelline Colour Tattoos Review

So I recently bought these Maybelline Colour Tattoos in three different colours.

Firstly the packaging is very high quality for what I paid for them (£4.99 each). However Boots is having a 3 for 2 on all Maybelline products. So I got three for £9.98 instead of just two. Which is brilliant!
I feel these are amazing value for money completely worth it and are becoming a much loved product in my makeup collection! Defiantly will be adding more to my makeup collection in the forcible future!

The three colour I got were:
Permanent Taupe
This colour is more matte than the other two and also when applied is more sheer.


On and on Bronze
This colour is almost similar to Permanent Taupe, however this one is less sheer and a bit more shimmery. These two would work perfectly together!


Metallic Pomegranate
This colour is the boldest of the three and probably my favourite! It is perfect for the fall season. It is a beautiful purpley red tone and compliments green eyes well.


I have swatched each product in the order listed above (from left to right)


If you have questions just least me a comment, thanks